Human Capital Management and Development Consulting

  • Talent Management: Talent Planning, Talent Sourcing and Acquisition, Talent Assessments, Talent Outsourcing and Succession Planning & Management.
  • Competency Management: Competency Model Design and Development, Competency Assessments and Competency Mappings.
  • Organizational Design and Development.

Management Consulting

  • Business Plan and Model Development.
  • Business Growth and Expansion Strategy Development.
  • Management Practices and Capability Audits.
  • Digital Transformation for Business Growth.

Institutional Capacity Building and Capability Development

  • Design and Development of Systems, Structures, Strategies, Policies, Processes, Procedures and Governance Frameworks that aid the growth, development and maturity of organizations and institutions.

Corporate Restructuring

  • Organizational Change Readiness Assessments.
  • Organizational Culture and Capability Audits.
  • Organizational Process Reengineering.
  • Culture and Change Management.
  • Facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions.