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Image: McKinsey

Many organizations hold in high esteem employees who add value to the bottom-line and send out those who don’t. “Employees who create value in the organizations they work for rising faster and get better rewards than those who don’t.”

Have you ever wondered the reason why an employee would turn in his resignation letter and the business would reject it and rather re-negotiate while another employee resigns giving adequate notice and nobody cares? Do you know what the difference is? It’s Value Creation!

A value creation mindset involves developing and exercising entrepreneurial attitudes and abilities within the workplace.

Having a value creation and ownership mindset serves as a key factor in accelerating the growth and development of an individual within an organization. An employee who possesses a value creation mindset is one with a long-term vision. People with long term visions are more likely to succeed than people with a short-term vision.

When an employee takes a step towards developing and possessing a value creation mindset, it impacts heavily on both the individual and the organization as listed below:

  1. It strengthens the employer-employee relationship and instills a sense of mutual trust and confidence.
  2. It enhances the employee’s personal effectiveness while at work and also serves as a booster for career growth and advancement.
  3. It helps in bringing ideas to the forefront related to a particular task or project which in either case might have been dormant due to lack of time and resources. With an ownership mentality setting in, employees attain self-confidence and become more results-driven and solutions-oriented.
  4. It helps employees to optimally channel their energies and initiatives.

When employees take ownership of the business and add value, they easily get the buy-in of corporate leaders and in no time, find themselves in corporate leadership due to the decision-making ability, leadership strides and trust they have built over time by the value they have contributed.

When you add value to a system, you are indirectly adding value to yourself, which will one day bring you rewards.

It is important to develop a value creation mindset as an employee, by going out of your job description to make things happen. Think big picture, think positively, think value.