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Image: Thrive Global

Human beings generally have two tendencies: the tendency to lead and the tendency to be led. Every one of us has a measure of leadership potential that can be harnessed and developed. The goal of this article is to show us the things we need to do to develop and strengthen our leadership and managerial capabilities.

  1. Willingness to accept additional responsibilities: Accepting additional responsibilities is a major force that will prepare an individual for leadership. It is a sign of drive, discipline, diligence, and dedication which are very important leadership traits.
  2. Don’t do less than what you can do or only what you can do, always strive to do more than what you can do: This is working with a contribution and value addition mindset. It is going the extra mile without being forced or coerced into.
  3. Get a mentor: One of the ways to develop and strengthen your leadership and managerial capabilities is through mentoring. Mentors are individuals who have experienced what we are currently going through and can use their life experiences to train and equip us for the leadership journey ahead.
  4. Cultivate a learner’s heart and mindset: The learner’s posture is that of an apprentice. Be teachable, be willing to learn and serve others. “Be committed to a life of continuous learning.” As you go through life, you will come across a lot of unconscious teachers–men, women, issues, circumstances, situations, mistakes of others, etc. Consciously learn through every means available. Never be an unconscious student in life.
  5. Acquire the traits, skills, competencies, and qualities of a leader before the title or position of leadership is conferred on you.
  6. Diligently strive to become a person of value: A person of value is a go-to–person in any organization. A person of value is someone people always meet to solve problems. They are resourceful, have a vast knowledge base, always welcoming and never judgmental. People of value always leave things, people and organizations better than they met them.
  7. Consciously and consistently work on becoming a better person: The tools to help you achieve this are Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Discovery, Self-Development, Self-Evaluation, Self-Improvement, and Self-Management. We shall discuss these tools in detail in subsequent editions.

These things when consistently practiced will help an individual develop and strengthen his/her leadership and managerial capabilities.